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Got Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-06-01 14:43:26 by PacMansaysWokkaWokka

Everybody I got Adobe CS3 Professional and right now i am working on a cool flash
If everybody likes it enough the flash that I will be submitting will turn into a series

It will most likely be a prologue so I can see what everybody else thinks about it first. Then if it does not get good feedback I will scrap it and start on Plan B


Ever since I was asked to join the Army it' s been in my mind ever since. Any way I was watching the military channel when something came up about the FFL and I was obsessed with them ever since. I even played the demo of the official FFL game( it was horrible any way). If your reading this then you might think this is weird and I agree with you.

P.S. I was at a game convention when I got asked. If you want to hear the full story then just PM me.


2008-01-12 22:55:08 by PacMansaysWokkaWokka

If any of you have at least heard of this game then consider yourself my brother, sister etc. If not then go back in your hole!!!!!!!!!. Just kidding .
Warrock is a free, I repeat free online multiplayer shooter set in a place, there is war!
It' s kind of like the Battlefield series( if you played them ) expect with a mix of Counter Strike, You can customize a mix of classes like engineer, medic, sniper etc. Cool thing is that you can play it from anywhere you want!!!! Like if you are on an airplane and you have nothing to do you could just connect to a server and ROCK!!!! Also from the site you can purchase weapons without even opening the game. Another cool thing is that the game maps adjust the to different holidays like if it's Christmas you can shoot Santa down with an RPG!!!!yeah!!!!
If you want more info just visit this site!

Srry I can't get the link thing to work well anyway enjoy the game if your game. Oh yeah if you can find me my gametag will be as it follows: Mongolian0. Well that's just my second 'cause my first doesn't work anymore:[
If you look I got a cool pic for it
And if you are reading this plz leave a comment



2008-01-10 20:12:50 by PacMansaysWokkaWokka

Wow.... I can't believe that your actually reading this but anyway....

As many people think that video games are bad well they are just afraid of change in this ever growing world. Do not blame them. It is just the fact that they grew up on a different playing field or probably they are just kind of scared of stepping in a new hobby the world is learning hard to love.Just compare this to the rock of the70's or 80's so you can understand this that way iif you want. If you just clicked this for any new dirt on Assassins Creed 2 or leeked info on the next Bioschock( good game though) or your just curios I really don't care but I'm posting this whether you like it or not so complain away. Anyway thank you for reading in on this and have a nice day :]


P.S.S. Srry if your offended in any way